Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Attention, Diocese of South Carolina: Planned Parenthood is coming

I read this today on Dawn Eden's blog, The Dawn Patrol. She has been in Charleston on a book tour and also experienced an Anglican liturgy with Dow Sanderson.

Dawn reports (and read it all):

. . . On the way to the first stop of my Carolinas mini-tour, Pauline Books and Media on downtown King Street, Annette, a volunteer for the diocesan Respect Life office, told me that Planned Parenthood is planning an abortion megamill in Charleston along the lines of its mammoth center in Aurora and the one it is currently building in Denver. They are holding Tupperware-style neighborhood parties to raise funds for the mill, she said. . .

I don't know any more about this, but considering what PP has done in Aurora, this is scary stuff. (And I'm still trying to visualize "Tupperware-style neighborhood parties" that promote PP - hummmm. . . )

I see that both St. Philip's and St. Andrew's have Anglicans for Life chapters listed but I don't know how active they are. So if anyone from Charleston knows more, please let me know.

Also, check out Dawn's blog for what happened in Aurora, Illinois, and how it could happen anywhere - I've just linked to one post, so search on her blog for "Aurora" to see the whole story.

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