Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Audio recordings of the visit of the Presiding Bishop to the Diocese of South Carolina *UPDATED

From TitusOneNine:

This has taken a lot of work by a number of people and I am delighted it can be released. Please take the time to listen to it carefully and listen to it all.

In your comments please focus on the content of what was said as far as possible. Thanks--KSH.

UPDATE: From Bishop Mark Lawrence [boldface mine]:
I have read the recent article from the ENS regarding the Presiding Bishop, The Most Reverend Katherine Jefferts Schori’s visit to the Diocese of South Carolina. It was a gracious and accurate description of much of our time together. Indeed, there was a warm hospitality which we were most intentional in cultivating through our prayers and our hearts. What the article failed to convey, however, is the depth of the theological chasm that lies between many of us in South Carolina (and others within the church for that matter) and the trajectory of so much of the leadership of The Episcopal Church. To explore these cavernous depths is indeed the great work that lies before anyone in leadership today. Along with showing hospitality and witnessing to God’s work among us, the earnest exploring of this chasm was and remains one of our chief objectives.

And a great response from Steve Wood, St. Andrew's, to a commenter on T19 who wonders "For those T19 readers who are in the Diocese of SC and feel you are in a Christ-centered and Holy Spirit-filled church, how are you personally dealing with the Episcopal and even Anglican church storm overheard?. . .and are your clergy helping you deal with it or are they asking you to ignore it (or something that is equivalent to soldiering on without focus on the issue)?" His answer:
Tammi, as a clergyman in the Diocese of SC let me tell you how I’ve responded:

1. I have regular parish-wide meetings, including Q & A, providing updates, and personal commentary. Among other things, I validate their pain and embarrasment while wanting to bring an historical and biblical perspective, drawing upon previous church conflicts.
2. I write about events on my blog, including my personal thoughts on all matters.
3. I am up-front with folks in our new members class about the mess. Amazingly, the mess has not been much of deterrent: +Fitz was just here for our 3rd adult confirmation service of the year, confirming 67 adults.
4. I attempt to “keep the main thing the main thing.” That is, we preach the Gospel (to the best of our abilties). Having recognized the conflict - above steps - we focus on Jesus and His message.
5. We are heavily engaged in mission & evangelism.
6. We pray - a lot! Our intercessors keep these matters as a regular feature of prayer.
7. For those who feel the need to separate themselves we, very sadly and with much love and many prayers, help them find a church home in a denomination (or non-denomination) that will nurture their faith and allow them to be fruitful members of the Kingdom.

May I say that nothing has driven me to my knees more, nor caused me to shed more tears, than the manner in which the Reappraisers have rent asunder the bonds of our affection, and, more importantly, betrayed their sacred trust given by Christ Himself to protect and nurture His Bride.

What can I say - I'm jealous! Especially since South Carolina is my family diocese - wish I were still there {sigh}

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