Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rob Eaton: Episcopal flagplanter warrior of the month

From Stand Firm:

Our month has been filled with nominees for this prestigious award. We had Bishop Howe as the first bishop to speak up about the non-canonical actions of the Presiding Bishop. We had Rob Roy bustling around to various newspapers with letters to the editor. We had the Standing Committee of the Diocese of South Carolina formally protesting the non-canonical actions of the Presiding Bishop.

But I think when the histories are written -- and I might add, when the witnesses are called during the lawsuits -- the priest Rob Eaton wins the award for this brave, public action in a hostile place. Just put yourself in his shoes, and try to imagine doing such a thing at your own diocesan convention, or . . . even in your own parish's vestry meeting. It just doesn't happen that often, folks, in any organization, much less the Episcopal church.

Rob Eaton is my hero. . .

Read it all, and prayers for Fr. Rob Eaton.

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