Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shoe Thursday: Foot karma

Okay, we are (finally) landscaping our backyard, which is now (yes, this very minute!) in a state of total mayhem and chaos, as well as a mud pit; the machinery noise is constant, I have to walk the dog every hour or so, so he can do his "business" since the yard is uninhabitable, and my brain is mush (I am a person that needs quiet, lots and lots of QUIET).

So since I cannot think of anything today, much less anything on shoes, I give thanks to Micah Snell, a Nashotah House senior, whose posting on shoes was brought to my attention by David Turney. From Micah's blog, Unbridled Warhorse:

I prefer not to wear shoes. This is realistic less often than I like. Consequently when my feet must be oppressed I prefer their comfort, which results in the paradox that someone who dislikes shoes probably spends more on them.

Merrells have been good to my feet in years past. I just found the Merrell Karma, which is about ideal for regular semi-dress use.

The irony is equally appealing. Here is a pig skin shoe named Karma. Not only did the pig warrant death, he warrants being tread underfoot in death. Or, what if you are reincarnate from the pig whose skin became the shoes you now wear? Wouldn't that be ironic? Stomping your ancestor must merit returning as something else terrible.

Bottom line: Don't get these shoes or don't believe in reincarnation. And pass the bacon.

And here is the shoe:
Merrell Karma
Check it out!

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MWΣ said...

Whoa! UnWaHo is flattered by the reference.