Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Robbo: That's My Church! - Easter Edition

Well, he's made the move official as of Easter. Robbo, one of The Llama Butchers, was received into the Roman Catholic Church on Saturday. Read all about it here. I was struck by his final paragraph [boldface mine]:

In the meantime, enormous thank you Yips! go out to all of you who have followed along on this little adventure. The outpouring of good faith, even from those of you critical of my move, has been extremely gratifying. And the notes and gifts I've received from some of you have been quite overwhelming. (Individual thank you letters will be going out this week, of course.) As I may have mentioned before, although the Anglican implosion and Dad's death last year certainly propelled me to making this move now, six months' worth of pondering has made me realize that they were not the reasons for my switch, and furthermore that I would have done so at some point anyway. This is something that has been a looooooong time coming. The upshot is that I go into it with none of the bitterness, axe-grinding, and how-do-you-like-me-now rebounding characteristic of some converts, because in the end I'm not fleeing anything, but instead - as so many people have put it over the past few days - simply coming home. And I can't tell you just how happy that makes me. And I'm also glad that so many of you - even those who have absolutely no desire to follow - are happy on my behalf. As I say, thank you.

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jleecbd said...

Well, I may not agree with where he went, but I understand the sensation.

If, at the end, you are simply running away, then you're not doing the right thing. If you're going to where you belong, you are.