Friday, March 07, 2008

House of Bishops to discuss US plan

From George Conger [boldface mine]:

The pastoral plan for embattled American traditionalists brought by four bishops to US Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori will be discussed at this month’s meeting of the US House of Bishops in Texas, a spokesman for the national church tells The Church of England Newspaper.

Crafted by a consortium of American bishops, overseas primates and scholars associated with the Anglican Communion Institute, the plan seeks to take requests made by the primates for pastoral support for American conservatives forward, but structured in such a way as to work within the constitutional and canonical confines of the US church.

On Feb 21 Bishop Schori met with the Bishops of Dallas, Central Florida, North Dakota and Western Louisiana to review the plan.

A spokesman for the Presiding Bishop said “the topic will be discussed at the next House of Bishops meeting,” but declined to discuss details.

The Bishop of Western Louisiana, the Rt. Rev. D. Bruce MacPherson told CEN the Presiding Bishop “appeared to be interested in what we shared with her.”

He noted that “While we were not seeking an official approval, she did respond favourably to what was presented.”

Bishop John W. Howe of Central Florida added that Bishop Schori “seemed to me to be totally supportive,” and had expressed a liking for calling the project “Communion Partner.”

The bishops “did not ask, and she did not volunteer, her ‘permission’,” for the programme. “I do not think that was or is required.”

Further meetings with the Presiding Bishop were unlikely, Bishop Howe said, as Bishop Schori “gave absolutely no reason to expect that there would be any subsequent rounds” of discussion of the plan during the Feb 21 meeting. . .

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