Saturday, August 25, 2007

Did the Dennis Canon pass the 1979 General Convention?

From George Conger's Web site:

[This] is an unabridged version of a piece I submitted to The Living Church magazine. The details did not survive the editing, which is understandable, as this is an insider’s inside story—one that would make no sense, nor spark interest outside of that small group who follow in detail the Episcopal Church’s property wars.

From the article itself:
While the minutes of the House of Deputies and other important papers from the 1979 General Convention have not survived, sufficient documentary evidence exists in the Archives of the Episcopal Church to cast doubt on published claims that the Dennis Canon was overlooked and not brought to a vote in the final hours of the 1979 General Convention.

However, the paper trail that would support a conclusive determination that the Dennis Canon did pass the House of Deputies on the 10th legislative day is incomplete, keeping open the door for further litigation. . .

H/t to TitusOneNine.

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Jeff said...

That's just what is needed. More litigation. You know, for a very long time, the Communist government of the USSR destroyed after church, monastery after monastery. So what?

God, and the Church that Christ founded is far bigger than properties and governments.

If Orthodox Anglicans are truly Orthodox, they should flee their properties. That they are so focused on the properties, should give them pause, methinks.

Jeff said...

I tried to leave a link before, but it didn't survive the process. So, here it is: