Friday, August 10, 2007

Windsor bishops meeting at Camp Allen

From the Midwest Conservative Journal, a report and commentary on the Windsor bishops meeting in Camp Allen this week:

For the Windsor bishops, the nightmare scenario runs roughly as follows: what happens if TEC holds firm and Dr. Williams doesn't give the Windsor bishops what they want after the September meeting? Do they back down, go to Lambeth anyway and hope that TEC completely changes its mind next year?

How TEC would be persuaded to do that is about as doubtful as it is possible for anything to be. If the Windsor bishops do cave, their leverage is gone. If TEC stiffs Dr. Williams in September and he still invites them to Lambeth, my gracious lord of Canterbury fatally undermines the position of the primates and for all intents and purposes, kills not only the Dar es Salaam Communiqué but the Windsor Report itself.

And if, after all that, the Windsor bishops still proclaim their love and affection for the Anglican Communion, they effectively link themselves to a group with no serious principles of any kind. And what is so noble about proclaiming oneself a "Windsor bishop" when TEC tramples the Windsor Report underfoot and is allowed by the Anglican Communion to get away with it?

Check it out.

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