Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saga Arequipeña: The Twilight of a Mission

From, a final posting by David Alenskis on his mission trip to Peru:

. . . Although I was living in Peru, I could not avoid the fact that while I spoke like a Peruvian, ate like a Peruvian, traveled like a Peruvian, made Peruvian friends, and developed an insatiable love for Peru to the point of desiring to call it home at times, I remain an American, and I am bound by that identity with privileges and obligations. And ever so quickly, I have had to return to that homeland which I had left and to which I belonged.

And yet, not even this is entirely accurate. Because all of us, those for whom Christ shed his blood and for whom he was raised, who have been baptized into his Death and Resurrection unto pardon and deliverance from sins, who have received the Spirit of Adoption and have so been made one Body with him, and who have been seated with him at the right hand of the Father in the heavenly realms, we no longer belong to ourselves or to any other but rather belong exclusively to this faithful Savior Jesus Christ and are heirs of the Kingdom which he has ushered in. . .

David sends an update via email on the earthquake situation in Peru (he had already left before the earthquake hit, but is concerned about friends):
My heart is going out to all those who are suffering in Ica and Pisco (I traveled through them at one point en route to Arequipa), and I hope that the government, church, and others can help them in what really is a horrible crisis.

Read it all, and please add the people and churches in Peru to your prayers.

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