Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lambeth RSVP deadline extended

From the Times Online, Ruth Gledhill writes:

The deadline for bishops to respond to their invite to the Lambeth Conference has been extended, according to a report in the Church of England Newspaper tomorrow.

The extension comes after Sydney's six bishops told the Archbishop of Canterbury that they could not reply to the invite until they knew the response of American bishops to demands made by Primates in February at Dar es Salaam.

“Unfortunately the timing of the invitation has proved difficult,” they explained as they were first "looking for the response" of the American House of Bishops to the Primates’ February communiqué before they could give him their final answer. Sydney indicated it would follow the lead of the African churches who have said they will not attend if the American bishops who consecrated Gene Robinson were invited.


Anonymous said...

Why would the Australian Bishops need an extension? American Bishops who voted for Bishop Robinson have ALREADY BEEN INVITED to Lambeth 2008. If the Australian Bishops say they will follow Africa's lead, it looks to me like they have already made their decision. Why make it difficult for the caterers to know how many will be attending Lambeth if they TRULY intend NOT to go? Or is it an EMPTY threat? It looks like the Australians are stalling for time, but why? What are their future plans? Only time will tell.

Judith L said...

'Invite' used as a noun? I am deeply shocked. No wonder the English seem unable to hold the Communion together. They no longer know the rules of their own language. And don't tell me it's a difference between English English and American English. I'm not buying.