Sunday, August 12, 2007

Doctor helps change Ugandan healthcare

From CBN News, a reminder that it's individuals doing God's work that make a difference:

In Uganda's capital of Kampala, one American doctor with the help of Duke University is helping to revolutionize the Ugandan health care system.

Neurosurgeon Michael Haglund felt a burden to help when he heard about the tough working conditions at the local hospital.

"There's a verse in Proverbs 19 that says that if you help the poor you're lending to God and God will bless you for that," Dr. Haglund said. "Well, in doing this, I really feel like we're lending to the poor people of Eastern Africa that don't have the where-with-all to get the medical supplies or surgery or anything like that."

Duke University was able to gather up all its surplus equipment and medicine.

Along with the help of Operation Blessing, they shipped nearly nine tons of it to Kampala.

The hospital will go from having only one ventilator for 1,500 patients to having nine.

Dr Haglund, along with a specialized team from Duke, will be holding training seminars so the Ugandans will be able to sustain the work when the Americans leave.

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