Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Via Media in San Diego

From the San Diego diocesan website, St. James La Jolla is hosting a Via Media class:

St. James by-the-Sea in La Jolla offers Via Media to all who are interested in learning more about Episcopaliansim [but maybe not Christianity]. This eight-week class focuses on topics such as creation, the three facets of God [I wonder, would this be the Trinity?], sin, forgiveness, and more. We view a 30-45 minute video followed by small group discussion that is open and inclusive [ah - the magic words!]. Discussions with friends and colleagues revolve around bringing a 21st-century point of view to our Christian faith, guided by our basic, Anglican principles of scripture, tradition and reason.

Participants receive a glossary of Episcopalian terms [quick, send them copies of Ireneaus' Revisionist Dictionary] and participate in centering prayer, lectio divina (sacred reading), journaling and more. . .

Via Media - their slogan is Cutting edge curriculum for the Episcopal Church

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